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Bo Linnemann

Managing Director, Kontrapunkt
Medlem siden / member since 1995

Bo Linnemann


Profil / Profile

Bo Linnemann
Architect and Graphic Designer

Bo Linnemann (1953) is creative director, owner and co-founder of the international brand and design agency Kontrapunkt, based in Copenhagen Denmark and Osaka Japan.

Bo Linnemann has influenced international design since the beginning of the 1980s; he has been awarded the Danish Design Prize 17 times and has received numerous international design awards.

He has been responsible for design- and visual identity programs for companies and institutions all over the World, among others Microsoft, IKEA, Dai Nippon Printing, Tasaki –Japan, Adidas - Germany, United Nations Global Compact, Carlsberg, LEGO, Coca Cola, Novo Nordisk, Danske Bank.

Bo Linnemann and Kontrapunkt has exhibited in all parts of the world, and he has lectured at many universities in several countries – among others Korea, China, Japan, Israel, Qatar, UK, USA, RSA, etc. He serves as visiting professor at Musashino Art University, Tokyo.

In 2010 Bo Linnemann received the Danish Design Council’s Annual Award, and in 2011 he received the Danish National Bank’s honorable Award.

Bo Linnemann is educated from School of Architecture, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen 1981, where he later has served as Professor and Head of the Design Institute.

Kompetencer / Competencies

Uddannelse / Education

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Scool of Architecture 1981