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Eskild Hansen

Medlem siden / member since 2008

"With increased global competition, design is a rich diverse resource with the capacity to transform business. Eskild Hansen is known as a global leader who can work simultaneously as a creative designer and business professional. This combination of skills is decisive as companies face the challenges of the future", John Heskett


Eskild is internationally recognized for this design work that has been featured in a wide range of global media. He uses the proud heritage of Danish Design as a platform for his work within areas as consumer electronic, lamps, furniture, and medical devices. Eskild holds several design patents and awards

He combines his background of proven design experience mixed with business and leadership skills. This provides him with a unique perspective that has enabled him to lecture about design and innovation at universities and to become frequent key-note speaker at conferences and seminars all around the world.

After his industrial design education he moved to New York to the start his carrier that would lead him to be Head of the Cisco European Design Center, Global Director of design at Coloplast and designing project with the largest companies in the world from Bang & Olufsen to Deutsche Telecom

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